We believe that God’s kingdom is experienced most when we live LIFE TOGETHER.

We also believe that this should be simple, and here’s how:


Think of people you consistently see on a Sunday, maybe you sit in the same area in service, or you pick up your kids from the same classroom. Talk with a few of them about getting a Tribe going.


Figure out what works for your group. Here are some examples to get your brains going! Potluck every Wednesday night, Saturday morning prayer hike every-other week, serve at 40 Prado once a month and host a Bible study at your local coffee shop…


Read: A scripture passage, a devotional book, or something else that will encourage and possibly challenge you and your friends to follow Jesus.

Watch: Log in on RightNow Media for FREE and check out the thousands of sermons, Bible-studies, and lessons for Christian living.

Listen: Ask real life questions about each others’ lives, and then listen to each other. Be a small community of people that care about each other.

Everybody Plays

We want you to know that you play a vital role in the community here at Mb.
Being a leader doesn’t mean being flawless but rather being openly dependent on Jesus.
Don’t look back, press on and start loving on those around you today.

If you want to know the Biblical standards we as leaders strive after are, click below.

Don’t have people around you yet? Don’t worry! Check out what’s available and join a Women’s, Men’s, or College Tribe this week.

Are you interested in leading others and growing disciples? Fill out the Tribe Leader application.


Serve together as a Tribe to experience life like Jesus and grow in unexpected ways.



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Sermon Based Questions

Follow along with our current series in your Tribe discussion with these weekly discussion questions