Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2018

Six Flags Magic Mountain - 2018

You really can't get enough rollercoasters in one day, so we are heading on a TWO DAY adventure to Magic Mountain. We will drive down on Saturday morning, spend the day screaming and spinning on Tatsu, Full Throttle, and X2, then stay the night at a local church and then head back into the park for Sunday getting our fill of thrills, and drive home Sunday evening.

Six Flags Magic Mountain.png


 - 7th and 8th graders


 - $125


 - May 19-20


- Packing list: Sleeping bag, Bible, comfortable shoes, sweatshirt, clothes, PJs, toiletries, waterbottle, spending $



San Diego Serve - 2018

San Diego Serve - 2018

This April we will be partnering with New Vision Christian Fellowship for an urban missions trip, learning how to love the looked over and despised in our own country. For 3 and a half days we will be hearing stories from amazing people both in ministry and on the streets, learning applicable skills to help us engage lovingly with those around us, and actively practicing in generosity, humility, care, and prayer. 

We will be leaving early Thursday morning, April 5th and spending 3 nights at New Vision Christian Fellowship. On Sunday, April 8th, we'll join in on their Sunday worship service and free lunch to all, and then pack up and head back up the coast.

Cost: $225 (deposit of $110 due at registration)

Dates: April 5-8

Who: Junior High and High School students

Register HERE















     An epic week of fun, friends, gospel, worship, rec, milkshakes, cabins, swimming, ropes-course, paintball, food, laughs, games, and more!  Dates - August 5-11  Cost - $650  Who - Students  going into  grade 7-12  High School students sign up for   Ponderosa          </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"            Junior High students sign up for   Meadow Ranch          </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"          2018 Summer Theme Video         </iframe>" data-provider-name="YouTube"             What to Bring    Bible  notebook  pencil/pen  flashlight  sleeping bag  pillow  toiletries  warm and cool clothes  jacket  modest one-piece swimsuit (no tankinis)  a towel for swimming and showering  a water bottle  $60 recommended spending money    What NOT to Bring    Drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)  alcohol  tobacco  fireworks  firearms  electronic devices   ( Remember : Girls no bare midriffs or spaghetti straps; guys, no sagging.)    Scholarship Application Form

Hume summer 2018.png

An epic week of fun, friends, gospel, worship, rec, milkshakes, cabins, swimming, ropes-course, paintball, food, laughs, games, and more!

Dates - August 5-11

Cost - $650

Who - Students going into grade 7-12

High School students sign up for Ponderosa


Junior High students sign up for Meadow Ranch

2018 Summer Theme Video


What to Bring

  • Bible
  • notebook
  • pencil/pen
  • flashlight
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • toiletries
  • warm and cool clothes
  • jacket
  • modest one-piece swimsuit (no tankinis)
  • a towel for swimming and showering
  • a water bottle
  • $60 recommended spending money

What NOT to Bring

  • Drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • fireworks
  • firearms
  • electronic devices

(Remember: Girls no bare midriffs or spaghetti straps; guys, no sagging.)

Scholarship Application Form

Winter Camp - Hume Lake

Winter Camp - Hume Lake

We're heading back up to Hume Lake for a couple weekends of awesome WINTER CAMP!

This weekend is packed full of amazing worship, awesome and sound Biblical teaching, and cabin discussions, as well as, tons of fun activities! Ice-skating, broom hockey, sledding, snow inter tubing, and much more!

Junior High - February 9-12

High School - February 16-19

COST: $360

Sign up HERE

**Check-in is at 12:30 on Friday the 9th and 16th @ Mountainbrook. This is on a school day so if your student is unable to leave early from school the you will need to organize alternative transportation.

We will be returning to Mountainbrook on Monday around 2:30-3. I will update the parents on Monday with a more accurate ETA

If you've already signed up. Here's what your student needs to bring:






sleeping bag




warm clothes





spending money (at least $50 recommended)



WHAT: A bunch of students and friends and family watching football, cheering excessively, and eating too much food. A few Madden games on the xbox, and a football game outside during half-time.

WHERE: In the Youth Room at Mountainbrook.

WHEN: February 4, @3-6:30

WHO: Anyone who wants to come!

Church Arise

Church Arise

WHAT: A night of interactive worship and prayer, engaging message, and unified church vision.

WHO: This event is created by Central Coast Youth Ministry, and is open to all church youth groups (7th-12th grades) on the central coast.

WHERE: Grace Church SLO, on the corner of Pismo and Osos in downtown San Luis Obispo.

WHEN: January, 31st, @6:30-8:30PM


Have questions? Email Pastor Greg at

SPOT Group Outs

SPOT Group Outs

Tonight we are NOT meeting at the church but rather spending time in our individual SPOT Groups, i.e. junior high girls, junior high boys, underclassmen boys, underclassmen girls, upperclassmen boys, upperclassmen girls.

We strongly believe that in order for the gospel to be communicated most effectively, it must be done through relationship. In order for real relationship to grow, it must take place outside of just the church. This is why we have designated a few nights a year to be devoted solely to building those relationships.


Here's the schedule!

JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS - **FRIDAY** - Games and desserts at intern Alexis' house. 6pm-8/8:30pm @ 1776 Singletree ct. SLO, 93405 - Leaders Alexis Alhadeff and Hanna Scheer.

JUNIOR HIGH BOYS - **WEDNESDAY** - Bowling at Mustang Lanes on Cal Poly's campus. Bring money for shoes and games, meet at the bowling alley in the university union (take Grand Ave. into campus, drop off students with leaders at the right turn on to S Perimeter Rd)

9th&10th UNDERCLASSMEN GIRLS - **WEDNESDAY** - Games, Hot Tub, and Desserts at Annelise's house. 6:45-8:30pm @ 4641 Snapdragon way, SLO 93401 - Leaders Nicole Luna and Emily Bernstein

9th&10th UNDERCLASSMEN BOYS - **WEDNESDAY** - Pizza and movie night at the Yoo's house. Bring $5 to chip in for pizza, 6pm @ 691 Cerro Romauldo. - Leaders Alex and Kevin Yoo and Erik Mork

11th&12th UPPERCLASSMEN GIRLS - **THURSDAY** - Homemade pizza and movie night at Shannyn's house. 6:30 @ 91 Mariposa dr. SLO 93401 - Leader Paige Camacho

11th&12th UPPERCLASSMEN BOYS - **WEDNESDAY** - Hang out at Shabes' house. 6:30 @ 569 Seabright Ave, Grover Beach, 93433 - Leaders Greg Jeffrey and Shabes Luna.

Fall Campout - 2017

Fall Campout - 2017

Attention high schoolers! We are going on a camping trip! We are heading up to Santa Margarita Lake KOA for an epic weekend including: hikes, fun games, good food, and some time to worship and dive into God's word together. 


WHO: High School Students 

WHEN: Sep. 29 - Oct. 1, 2017. We will meet at the church at 3:45PM on Friday, and return to church at 1PM on Sunday.

WHERE: Santa Margarita KOA; Pick up and drop off students at Mountainbrook Church


WHAT TO BRING: Sleeping bag, Pillow, Pencil, Towel, Toiletries, Notebook, Flashlight, Chair (for around the fire), Hammocks, Warm and Cool clothes, Swim suits (ONE PIECE FOR THE LADIES), Comfortable shoes for hiking and outdoor games

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Headphones, Electronic Devices(computers, tablets, etc.), Drugs(unless prescribed by a doctor), Alcohol, Firearms, Fireworks 

Click HERE to register AND pay

Six-Flags Magic Mountain

Six-Flags Magic Mountain

Let's have some fun!

When: May 13th 8am-8pm

Where: Meet at church, go to six-flags, come back.

How Much: $58 for everything but food

Why: why not?

Register and Pay HERE



Registration for Mb Youth Ministry's Summer camp is OPEN!

Dates: August 6-12

Cost: $600  ($175 deposit due with registration form, the rest is due the week before camp, July 31)

Who: students going into 7th-12th grade

Junior High - Meadow Ranch Registration & Payment   SOLD OUT!

Click HERE for High School - Ponderosa Registration & Payment

San Diego Serve - 2017

San Diego Serve - 2017

This Spring we're heading back down to San Diego for an intense 4 day urban missions trip. We will partner with New Vision Christian Fellowship and be led by our awesome host, Pastor Mike Haskins. We'll have our eyes and hearts opened to the necessity of being the hands and feet of God to a spiritually and physically needy people group.

The Cost: $225 ($75 deposit due with registration form, remaining balance due 1 week before the trip, April 13)

The Dates: April 20-23

Click HERE to register and pay.

Winter Camp 2017

What: A trip to Hume Luke Camp for an epic weekend of snow, games, fun, worship, sports, and hanging out with Jesus! The theme for the weekend is 'That's It!' based on Mark 12:29-30, with guest speaker Jeff Gokee for the JR High trip and guest speaker TBA for the high school trip. We will be leaving EARLY FROM SCHOOL on Friday (Feb. 10 and Feb.17)

When: Junior High -- February 10-13th
              High School -- February 17-20th

Who: Any student who is in 7th-12th grade (bring your friends who don't go to Mountainbrook!)

Cost: $320 per student. $70 non-refundable deposit due at registration. (Remaining $250 due by camp)

What to Bring: Bible, Notebook, Pencil, Flashlight, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towel, Toiletries, Warm and Cool Clothes, Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Boots, Spending Money ($50 recommended)

What NOT to bring: Drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), Alcohol, Tobacco, Fireworks, Firearms, Electronic devices, Cell Phones (there's no service or WiFi), etc.

How to Register: Click HERE to register for the camp. Click HERE to pay the $70 deposit online (select 'youth activities payment' as the giving category). Click HERE if you are able to loan a car or drive, for a $40 ($10/day) discount per family.

Happy Fourth of July!!

ALL GYMS TODAY WILL ONLY HAVE 1 CLASS:  9AM ONLY!!!! From Andy Stumpf.  One of the most patriotic posts i have EVER seen!  Thanks Andy:

"240 years is the blink of an eye.

Regardless of the political arguments over how and why this country was founded and declared independence, it was, and remains to this day, an opportunity.

In the 38 years I have been alive, I have made more mistakes than anyone I know. There is the person I want to be, and the person I see in the mirror in the morning. It would be easy to focus only on my mistakes and shortcomings, but I do my best to judge others, and myself on the things I get right. No one, and nothing is perfect. To expect perfection from any nation is as unrealistic as expecting to navigate your entire life without making a wrong turn.

There is a reason those who die in the service of others are wrapped in our flag. Even if only for a moment, it is a reminder that they stood for the best of what this country can be. Selfless, brave, courageous, and most importantly, more than just individuals.

Honor is just a word, until it becomes a principle used to protect others.

Strength is a meaningless pursuit, until it is used to pick up others weaker than yourself.

Integrity is a concept, until it becomes the foundation of standing for what is right.

Courage is fleeting, until you find it, and turn to fight, regardless of the outcome.

Compassion is unknown, until you experience bending a knee instead of breaking a back.

If you leave our flag out in gail force winds, it will weaken, and eventually unravel. It is the sum total of its threads, and only as strong as the stitches that bind them.

Apart, the pieces of our flag, and who we are as a country have no meaning. Together, bound tightly, it represents the best of humanity, and unlimited possibility. We can be a beacon of hope.

OPPORTUNITY.... We can be who we want, as individuals and society. We CAN become the nation we want to be, it is our choice. That, is INDEPENDENCE.

The 4th of July...."





INFERNO Warm-up x 3

Complete the Following:



Come to the gym and see what you get on this INDEPENDENT DAY!!!



MWOD:   wave the flag as many times as you can!!!!


Rent - A - Kid

Do you have a daunting project this summer? Does looking at that pile of junk in your garage make your back hurt? Are you too busy to dig that hole, build that fence, redo your back yard, or help those friends/family members move-in?


Our youth students are looking for plenty of work this summer to provide scholarship money to Hume Lake Summer Camp! Available June-August 2016.

Sign Up HERE


Summer is almost here! We are so stoked to have this amazing opportunity to partner with Hume Lake Christian Camps. Mountainbrook Everlasting Youth Ministry will be taking students up to the mountains east of Fresno for a week of worship, encouraging and equipping messages, and crazy awesome recreation.

Who: Hume Lake Summer Camp is for any student entering 7th - 12th grade.

When: August 14-20

How Much: $650 - Includes, transportation, meals, lodging, program, and rec t-shirt.

Pay Online HERE

Register Online HERE

If you are in financial need, check out our Youth Scholarship form HERE

Yard Sale Fundraiser

Spring Cleaning is here! We're raising money to send our students to camp and need your help! Come and donate your unwanted treasures (please do not bring used mattresses, dirty or torn clothes, old moldy seat cushions, etc.) in the youth room on the 3 Wednesdays leading up to our sale - May 4, 11, and 18. Our sale will take place at 1244 Woodside Dr. on Saturday May 21, from 6:45-noon. Please email Greg at if you have large items or have questions. Thank you! Please help us clean your garage out and send our students to camp!

Six Flags - Magic Mountain

It's been a long school year. We're going to take one day and just have fun. Invite your friends. It's gonna be EPIC.

We'll leave EARLY on Saturday, May 14th and spend the whole day at the park and head back in the evening.

Trip cost: $60 (sorry but no scholarships for this trip)

Register HERE


WILDWOOD - Student Leadership Camp

Student Leadership is an amazing opportunity for our students to become more than an attendee to Mb Everlasting Youth Ministry. This group of high school leaders (incoming freshmen through graduated seniors) meet twice a month to: 1) Grow deeper spiritually, 2) Pray over the students in our youth group, 3) Hold each other accountable to Christ's standards, and 4) Brainstorm on how to make this ministry welcoming yet spiritually challenging.

Over summer, we are providing another great opportunity for this group of leaders to bond even more as they pursue Christ. Wildwood is a week long discipleship camp put on my Hume Lake Christian Camps and we will be taking our student leaders up the mountain July 24-30. The cost of this camp is equal to the regular Hume Lake summer camp cost, however we will be absorbing almost 80% of the cost to make this week accessible to our team of student leaders.


[vimeo 139962801 w=1920 h=1080]

If your student is already in student leadership (i.e. worship band, event planning, tech team, room decoration, or involved in some other way) register your student for Wildwood HERE.

The cost for this awesome camp has been reduced through our youth fundraisers, and through generous donations from members at Mountainbrook Church. The remaining cost is $150 which you can pay by check in person, or through our secure online payment system HERE (just make sure to select "Youth Activities Payment" instead of the General Budget giving category)

San Diego Serve - Intercity Missions Trip

At the end of Easter break - April 1-3 - We will be travelling south, early in the morning, to a church in San Diego for one of the most impacting trips of the year. We will stay at the church for two nights, and learn about Christ's heart for the lost, poor, lonely, widowed, hungry, and needy. We engage in service projects, street ministry, and group activities to open our hearts and minds to the world of hurting people that God has placed us in.

To Sign Up click HERE

To Pay click HERE

Cost: $225

For more information, email Greg at