This week we asked Kids Ministry Director, Sarah Linn, some questions about the Mb Kids Ministry building project to fill you in and share with you what we're so excited about!

What did you discuss with the architect?
"Our meeting with the architect went really well!  We explained some of our current space issues and talked about how we would like to prevent feeling "full" in the new building.  Our need for flexible spaces [and] a plan to have most classrooms have out door space [was also discussed].  We live in such a beautiful area, with great weather year round, so it would be great to give our kids access to outside space.  We also talked about our need for a really amazing large group area with a stage and lights and integrative technology! The need for security in the kids building, and how to make the building as secure as possible [was also brought up]. I'm excited just thinking about it! Right now, we are in continued communication with the architect. It's been a really fun process so far!"
What will the new Kid's building look like?
"I'm not totally sure yet, but it's going to be amazing! We have imagined a large lobby that flows into outside space, check in kiosks and an info bar would be in the lobby.  The entrance to the classroom area will be nice and wide, and the hallways will be much wider than they are now.  We are throwing around the idea of having a two story building with classrooms on the bottom floor and one gigantic large group space on the top floor.  The large group space will be where kids experience worship and story and response time.  My goal is to make the new kids building as irresistible to kids as possible!  I want them to BEG their parents to take them to church!" 
How will it be an improvement from what we have now?
"One of our biggest constraints right now is simply space!  We do not have enough space to accommodate all the kids who want to attend church each week.  Most of the time we find ways to make our space work for us but the fact is, we are limited by our space.  The new large group space will also be a huge improvement over what we have now.  It will be so great to have the space and technology to create an environment where kids can experience God!"
What are you most looking forward to about the project?
"I am most looking forward to having space!  I'm looking forward to not having to tell anyone "I'm sorry, we are full" on Sunday mornings!  I'm also looking forward to creating fresh environments to inspire kids towards God!" 
What are the kids most looking forward to?
"The pool!  Just kidding!  I think the elementary school students are looking forward to having rooms that are THEIRS.  Right now, the 1st-4th graders share one space and that space is also the large group room.  Having designated spaces - one or two classrooms per grade - will be huge for them.  The kids are also looking forward to having age appropriate play spaces."  
How are they getting involved with the project? (giving, praying, etc.?)
"We have encouraged them to keep on giving.  This summer, (after kids camp) I have some ideas to keep the idea of giving at the front of their brains!  My goal is to have the kids contribute $2,000 towards the project.  That's .1% of the cost.  I figure the adults can handle 99.9% if the kids can come up with .1%.  But here's what I know about kids: they are AMAZING. I'm positive they can blow that goal out of the water!"  

Doesn't that just sound incredible?! Thanks for being a part of the 20/20 Vision!

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Again, thank you for praying through this with me as we look to increase our capacity and impact for Jesus on the Central Coast.

Pastor Thom